Worm composting bins, also known as a vermihut, vermibin, or a vertical migration worm bin, allow a convenient way for keeping worms and harvesting their castings as worm compost.


A vermihut or worm composter houses worms who make worm compost, a soil most gardeners would die for. This vermihut is made of solid wood, so it can breathe and give the worms a natural environment to live in. Each layer of the vermihut is a vermibin, and each vermibin has the bottom side covered in wire mesh to allow the worms to migrate through the hut but keep the soil in place. A vermihut is often just called a vermibin, but I will try and stick to this definition.

When you purchase this vermihut, you will get: three bins and a lid, as well as a metal catch tray and two rails the bins all sit on. Each vermibin is fitted with steel wire 1/4″ mesh and handles for convenient lifting. The vermihut is topped with a lid. You will also get a catch tray for putting underneath the bin that will cleanly catch any excess moisture from the worm castings, which sits in between two blocks of wood. The worms are up to you!

Each vermibin is 12″ x 14″ x 4″ (which would produce when full 672 cubic inches, 11L, 2.9 US gallons, or 46.5 cups of worm castings), so three stacked one on top of each other would make a vermihut that is ~ 12″ x 14″ x 12″. This size means you don’t have to wait so long to get some new worm castings, and the castings stay fresh.

Made from locally sourced wood off a selectively logged woodlot and milled by our neighbour, in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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See our Field Notes for a detailed outline of how the vermihuts work.