As of Oct 2023 our litter of great Pyrenees puppies are ready! Contact us for more details and our current pricing.

All puppies are de-wormed, vaccinated, and have had their first vet checks.

Both parents are great Pyrenees. They are full time working livestock guardian dogs, and do a great job at it. We have a herd of ewes, and another of goats that they protect with one of their sons and our next dam in waiting. These parents have experienced lambing and kidding with no issues. Our flock of guinea fowl are familiar with them and so are our chickens.

We handle our livestock guardian dogs and show them love. They have full access to our barn except when they are in a distant pasture with the sheep.

As a general rule, these dogs will not work well in a small home or apartment.

Please take a minute to inform yourself about any breed of dog you’re thinking about purchasing. If you do not know much about Great Pyrenees, please see the Great Pyrenees breed characteristics at AKC.

For extensive information regarding your (potentially) new Great Pyrenees puppy and how to introduce it to your homestead as a Livestock Guardian Dog, we highly advised you to read this essay on Great Pyrenees as livestock guardian dogs.